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Razz Security aims to promote cybersecurity awareness to the people and stress on the importance of keeping yourself secure online. We conduct Cybersecurity Talks, Ethical Hacking classes and workshops, CTFs and provide penetration testing services to companies. We are also competent developers and we develop Web applications and Android applications.

Penetration testing

We hack into your applications, computers and networks to identify security vulnerabilities.


We train interested people and introduce them to the world of cyber security.


We conduct challenges and CTFs related to cyber security.


Develop robust, secure and functional applications with us.

Web app pentesting
Web App Penetration Testing

Hack into your web-app with our services, find security holes and fix them before hackers can misuse them.

network pentesting
Network Penetration Testing

Find vulnerabilities in your networks by attacking them and secure your networks to keep the bad guys out.

Operating system penetration testing
Operating System Penetration Testing

Fix common misconfigurations in your computers, servers and other infrastructure to prevent attackers from getting an edge over you.

Ethical hacking classes
Ethical Hacking classes

Learn to attack applications, operating systems and networking infrastructure to help defend them.

Secure web development
Web Development

With Razz Security, you can develop reliable and secure web applications.

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Why is Cyber Security important?

Technology has been facing rapid development in the past few decades. The pace of growth of technology has far outstepped the commoner's knowlege of its inner workings. This leads to people blindly trusting the internet with all of their data. We at Razz Security believe that every person must keep themselves safe on-line. As part of this goal, we conduct a variety of awareness events for free and a few premium events too.

 We conduct:

  • Ethical Hacking Workshop
  • Cyber security Seminar

Past Events:

kalasalingam letter of appreciation

Kalasalingam Institute of Technology

7th March 2019

The students of KIT were given awareness on how to keep themselves secure online, and how to choose strong passwords. A few offensive techniques were shown to demonstrate how a hacker could take over their account.

breaksec speech by mukesh

BreakSec - Guest Speech by Mukesh

16th March 2019

A fifteen-minute session on how attackers can steal your data when given physical access to your machine was given to the participants of BreakSec, conducted by Kruptos Security Club. It was followed by a practical demonstration in which the speaker hijacked the Google account of a participant.

breaksec speech by mahesh

BreakSec - Guest Speech by Mahesh

16th March 2019

The participants of BreakSec were given awareness on how sensitive information is disclosed by photos and other media published online, followed by a live demonstration.

kruptos security club logo
Kruptos Security Club

Kruptos - CNCD - HITS

Kruptos Security Club is a security and testing club of The Centre for Networking and Cyber Defense, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai.

owasp logo
OWASP Madurai chapter

OWASP Foundation is a professional association of global members and is open to anyone interested in learning more about software security. Local chapters are run independently.

Macksofy Technologies

Macksofy Technologies is a leading development and cyber security company with its focus in the area of high-end research, development, consulting, education and managed services.

Twintech Solutions

TwinTech Solutions is a cybersecurity company specializing in digital forensics, corporate computer investigations, cyber security, incident response, advisory services, e-Discovery, litigation support services and general digital forensic consultation.

Tensys Innovations

Tensys Innovations

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