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We secure enterprises, startups, and organizations with cybersecurity solutions to make businesses safe and secure online so that our clients conduct their daily interactions with a flawless level of security from bad hackers.

Why is cyber security important?

Technology has been facing rapid development in the past few decades. The pace of growth of technology has far outstepped the commoner's knowledge of its inner workings. This leads to people blindly trusting the internet with all of their data. We at Razz Security believe that every person must keep themselves safe and secure online. As part of this goal, we conduct a variety of awareness events for free and a few premium events too.
Nowadays the rate of cyber criminals is increasing due to ignoring Cybersecurity services for the IT infrastructure of organizations, here Razz Security can go with different strategies to make cyber free.

Services at a Glance

Information Security Services - We care for your security
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Web App Pentesting

Secure your customers’ critical data by ensuring that your web assets are safe, well-protected, and immune to cyberattacks.

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Mobile App pentesting

Safeguard your mobile application from crackers and other malicious applications.

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Network and Systems Security Assessment

To ensure that your entire digital presence is safely covered, we conduct thorough and customized security audits for networks ranging from small-scale to enterprise-scale.

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Source code review

Catch security bugs before they hit production! With shift-left security principles and modern DevOps practices, we catch and remedy potential security issues before they ever become a problem

Academy - Your Cybersecurity Learning Platform

We provide cybersecurity education to students, businesses, the government, colleges, and schools so that they can understand the security measures required and have the necessary skills to defend against and take advantage of real-world scenarios. This helps to create a safe and secure digital global era.

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Classroom Training

Thorough, intensive, and interactive training sessions, with one-to-one doubt-clearing sessions, practical labs, and much more!

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Online Training

Learn from anywhere in the world with live and interactive online sessions.

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Self-Paced Learning

Learn at your own pace with pre-recorded courses with guaranteed lifetime availability.

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Practical Labs

Platform for Ethical Hackers to practise and develop their hacking abilities.

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Here you can find your interested topics which keep you engaged with the domain you are in and increase your knowledge.

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Community - India's #1 Cyber Security Community

According to Razz Security, in this era of rapid technological advancement and security breaches, which have an impact on national governments, international organisations, the healthcare system, educational institutions, and millions of regular people, knowledge should be simple to understand and freely available to all. The Infosec community group steps in at this point to provide knowledge throughout the community and maintain conversation.
Here you get some great perks you get for becoming a member:

  • Connecting Infosec people
  • Compitions like CTF Challenges
  • Cyber Security news
  • free Infosec webinar
  • make communication easier and discuss interesting relevant topics
  • career advice
  • Infosec meetups

Why us?


We help to defend various organizations against cyber-attacks.


We help to provide security services that keep them going.


We educate our clients about social engineering scams.


We do our best to secure our client's data and protect their businesses against vulnerabilities.

How are we different?


Secured Services
We Provide our clients with the most secure services that are adequate and authentic.


On-time Delivery
We guarantee the delivery of our work at the exact time and date mentioned.


Updated Technology
We use the most updated technologies to provide flawless customer results and services.


We give our very best as we are fully passionate about our work and love working on different and challenging projects.


Our Expert will help you find the solutions to your problem or improve the growth of your business in cybersecurity.