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The apparent reason why all firms, large and small, should train personnel at all levels on the value of defending themselves and your business against "human exploitation" and cyberattacks is increased security. The empowerment you and your staff will experience will extend outside the office by being trained on cybersecurity-related safety and best practises. Your workers will make judgements when setting up new passwords, identifying shady emails, or using the internet with confidence, you can be sure of that.

Within six months, up to 60% of small and medium-sized enterprises that have been hacked fail. An international average data breach costs $3.92 million. There are several compliance mandates, including the HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GDPR, and CCPA.

Real Time Corporate Cyber Security Training

Razz Security offers comprehensive corporate cyber security training


Employees that participate in security awareness training learn the value of cybersecurity as well as how to recognise possible risks and take proper action. Also, it gives staff members the information and abilities required to identify, report, and avoid security issues.

On-Demand Training

Our security experts will provide the staff advanced security training that will enable them to defend against online attacks.

Complete Annual Program

Our yearly programme will assist your staff in staying current on the newest security procedures and technologies to make your business as safe as possible.

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Why is cybersecurity training important?

The main goal of cybersecurity training is to safeguard you against online criminals who might do harm to your company.

Criminals are seeking for ways to get access to corporate funds, confidential client data, and extort cash from companies. The cost of a data breach may be catastrophic, and money is frequently the driving force.

The average overall cost of data breaches worldwide increased to $4.24 million in 2021, according to IBM's Cost of a Data Breach Study, a 9.8% rise from 2020. In all, it took 287 days on average in 2021 to find and stop a data breach, which is a seven-day increase from the year before.

According to the 2021 study, the United States had the greatest cost for data breaches for the second year in a row, going from $8.64 million in 2020 to $9.05 million in 2021.

The five sectors in 2021 with the greatest average expenses associated with data breaches were:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology
  • Energy

During the previous seven years, the average cost of a data breach has consistently been the highest in the healthcare sector. It cost the healthcare sector $9.23 million on average, which was double the worldwide average and a 29.45% rise from the previous year.

Healthcare, consumer goods, communications, journalism, research, retail, and hospitality have all experienced significant average cost increases—in some cases, more than 50%—which emphasizes just how destructive cybercrime can be.
With the rising costs of data breaches, organizations need to prioritise cybersecurity training for their staff in order to lower the likelihood of attacks and accompanying high expenses.

The benefits of cyber security training within universities

Never before has cyber security been more crucial. According to reports, cybercrime has grown by around 600% in recent years, helped along by the covid crisis. Cyber security breaches were reported by 26% of charities/organizations and 46% of enterprises in the last year alone. As many crimes go unreported, the statistics will be substantially higher. A phishing assault on a mid-sized organisation costs an average of £1.3 million, while ransomware attacks alone cost UK firms £71 million in lost productivity. With an estimated cost of over £5 trillion worldwide, cybercrime is probably the largest illegal growth business.

Attacks on Higher Education

Many new hazards emerged in 2020–21 when institutions migrated online in response to the epidemic. With student data, personal information, and incredibly important research making universities great targets for hackers, universities have long been at a high risk for cybercrime. Because of this, universities alone account for 75% of data breaches in the education industry. Attacks on colleges have increased ever after the major security breach of 2018, in which Iranian hackers attacked over 300 institutions. A new attack seemed to happen practically every week throughout the epidemic, and several UK institutions were forced to suspend operations after one attack for up to two weeks.
Today, over 25% of institutions have acknowledged that extremely classified information, including that related to national defence and medical research, was taken, and 87% have been the target of at least one successful cyberattack. It is hardly surprising that colleges now rate cybercrime as the most important danger they face given the growth in phishing attempts on students.

The Solution

Human error is by far the biggest cause of security incidents and tackling this is key to reducing attacks within the sector. Security Awareness Training is by far the best place to start. Training staff and students with the information required to recognise (and react to) cyber threats, will cut the problem off right at the source, and immediately prevent cyber- attacks from developing in the first place.

What we provide

Cybersecurity is a quickly growing profession, and college students who want to work in it must be equipped with the required skills and information. Here are some subjects and tools to get students started with cybersecurity training:

Cybersecurity Basics: Students should begin by learning the fundamentals of cybersecurity, such as the various kinds of cyber dangers, basic security principles, and typical cyber assaults.
Networking and Security: Networking is an important part of cybersecurity, and students must grasp how networks function and how to protect them. Razz Security Academy offers complimentary networking and cybersecurity classes.
Operating System Security: Understanding how operating systems function and how to protect them is a critical component of safety.
Coding and Scripting: Professionals in cybersecurity must be well-versed in computer languages and automation tools.
Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking: Through our training classes such as Offensive Security's Penetration Testing, students can acquire hands-on experience with penetration testing and ethical hacking.

In summation, college students seeking cybersecurity jobs must be well-versed in cybersecurity fundamentals, networking and security, operating system security, coding and scripting, penetration testing, and ethical hacking. College students can become successful cybersecurity professionals if they acquire the required skills and information.

For colleges, Razz Security provides extensive cyber security training.

Seminar: Joining a RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY lecture can provide several advantages for college students. They can learn about the significance of cybersecurity in today's digital world and how to avoid different cybersecurity threats. Furthermore, the seminar can help students develop real cybersecurity skills that will be useful in their future jobs or if they choose to further their education in the area. Finally, the seminar allows students to meet and network with experts in the cybersecurity field, which can help their career development and employment chances. Overall, taking a RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY seminar can be a fantastic method for college students to improve their hacking information and abilities.

Workshop: Participating in a workshop run by RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY can provide college students with a number of advantages. Under the supervision of experts, they can learn and practise various cybersecurity techniques and tools, allowing them to gain practical experience and develop their skills. The workshop may also provide students with the chance to work on real-world cybersecurity situations and learn how to successfully manage them. Furthermore, the workshop can assist students in networking with professionals in the cybersecurity sector, which can be beneficial to their career development and employment chances. Overall, attending a RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY workshop can be an excellent way for college students to improve their practical knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

Value Added Course: Enrolling in Value Added Training offered by RAZZ SECURITY SCHOOL can provide college students with a number of advantages. The training can help them build a solid cybersecurity base and acquire a real understanding of various cybersecurity ideas, tools, and methods. Furthermore, the training can provide students with hands-on experience through actual tasks and real-world situations, which can be beneficial in their future jobs. The Value Added Courses can also assist students in obtaining pertinent certifications, which can improve their reputation and employment opportunities. Finally, the course may provide students with the chance to engage with cybersecurity specialists and benefit from their experiences. Overall, participating in Value Added Training offered by RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY can be an excellent method for college students to gain valuable experience.

Razz Security offers cybersecurity training to pupils to prepare them for the ever-changing digital environment. The following are some of the subjects covered by Razz Security Academy in their cybersecurity instruction for school students:

Cybersecurity Awareness: Students must be conscious of the various cybercrime dangers, such as phishing assaults, spyware, ransomware, and social engineering. Razz Security Academy offers cybersecurity awareness instruction to assist pupils in identifying and preventing cyber-attacks Safe Browsing: Safe surfing is critical for avoiding online dangers. Razz Security Academy trains pupils how to use secure browsing tactics, spot dangerous websites, and avoid clicking on suspicious links.
Social Media Safety: Although social media is common among students, it can also be a source of online threats. Razz Security Academy trains pupils how to protect their social media accounts, spot fake profiles, and avoid posting too much confidential information.
Privacy and Data Protection: Students must grasp the significance of safeguarding their confidential information when using the internet. Razz Security Academy trains pupils how to secure their personal information and data, spot privacy risks, and avoid sharing sensitive information online.
Ethical Hacking: Razz Security Academy provides ethical hacking training to students to help them understand how hackers work and how to protect themselves against cyber assaults.

In summation, Razz Security Academy offers cybersecurity training for high school students on a variety of subjects such as cybersecurity knowledge, password management, safe browsing, social media safety, cyberbullying, privacy and data protection, and ethical hacking. Razz Security Academy helps students become responsible digital citizens and prepares them for the digital environment by offering cybersecurity training to school students.

For school, Razz Security provides extensive cyber security training.

Seminar: Attending RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY seminars can be extremely helpful for school students because they can learn about the newest trends and difficulties in the field of cybercrime. These seminars can help students gain a better grasp of the cybersecurity environment, including the role of technology in security and the importance of risk management. Furthermore, students can learn about the legal and ethical issues regarding cybersecurity, which will help them make responsible technological choices.

Workshop: School pupils can profit immensely from taking a RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY workshop. Such workshops can give them hands-on knowledge of cybersecurity, such as the significance of online safety, the dangers of cyber-attacks, and how to secure their confidential information. Students can also learn about cybersecurity careers as well as the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the industry. Students can gain valuable insights into the world of cybersecurity by attending a RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY class, which can help them make educated choices about their online behavior and possibly motivate them to seek a job in this expanding field.

Value-Added Course: Participating in value-added training offered by RAZZ SECURITY ACADEMY can provide school students with a more in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity ideas and real skills. These classes can help students gain technical skills in areas like networking, cryptography, and ethical hacking, preparing them for potential jobs in cybersecurity. Furthermore, value-added courses can provide students with chances to work on real-world tasks and acquire hands-on experience, allowing them to develop a powerful portfolio and improve their employability. Furthermore, students can profit from individualized care and guidance from cybersecurity specialists, which can aid in the development of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Hire Talents: Hire the talented candidates from us!

We take pride in giving the finest trained students who are well-equipped with the information and skills required to thrive in their various areas. Our cyber security training programs are intended to provide our students with the best quality education and the skills they need to succeed in their jobs.

Our training programs are created in cooperation with industry specialists and professionals to ensure that our students learn the most up-to-date tools and techniques in their respective disciplines. We provide instruction in a number of areas, including ethical hacking and penetration testing. Our pupils receive individual care from experienced teachers who are committed to their achievement.

We realize that the employment market is extremely competitive and that employers are searching for candidates who have the skills required to thrive in their respective areas. That is why we make certain that our students receive real, hands-on training that prepares them for workplace difficulties. Internships and co-op programs provide our students with real-world exposure by allowing them to implement their knowledge in a professional environment.

Employers value our students because of their comprehensive instruction and real experience. We have a robust network of business partners who recruit our students and provide employment prospects after they graduate. Our graduates have gone on to work for some of the most prestigious businesses in their disciplines.

In addition to our training programs, we provide a range of support services to guarantee the success of our students. To help our students land their ideal positions, we provide career guidance, resume writing, and interview preparation services. We also provide networking chances and career fairs, which enable our students to connect with prospective employers and receive useful job market insights.

Finally, we are committed to giving the finest trained students the information and abilities required to thrive in their respective areas. Our cyber security training programs, personalized attention, and real practice guarantee that our students are well-prepared for workplace obstacles. Employers value our pupils, and we are pleased to have contributed to their success.

Become an Instructor

Becoming an instructor at Razz Security Academy is a great opportunity for professionals with expertise in the field of cybersecurity to share their knowledge and help train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. As an instructor at Razz Security Academy, you will be responsible for teaching students the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the cybersecurity industry.

Some of the prerequisites and duties for becoming a teacher at Razz Security Academy are as follows: Expertise in Cybersecurity: Instructors must grasp cybersecurity principles, methods, and tools thoroughly. They must have a solid background in the area, including hands-on cybersecurity training. Teaching Experience: Instructors must have prior instruction and facilitation expertise. Experience as a college or university lecturer, expert trainer, or mentor is acceptable.
Communication Skills: Instructors must have outstanding verbal and written communication abilities. They must be able to describe complex ideas in simple terms and provide effective feedback to pupils.
Curriculum Development: Instructors must be able to create and keep a program that is pertinent and up to date with the latest hacking tools and methods.
Classroom Management: Instructors must be able to successfully manage a classroom, keep a positive learning atmosphere, and promote student involvement.
Professional Development: Instructors must be dedicated to continuing professional development and keeping current on the newest trends and advancements in the cybersecurity business.

As a teacher at Razz Security Academy, you will have the chance to help influence the future of the cybersecurity field by giving prospective cybersecurity workers high-quality education. You will have access to a wealth of resources, such as cutting-edge technologies, cutting-edge buildings, and a helpful team of pros committed to your success.

To summarize, becoming a Razz Security Academy instructor is an exciting chance for cybersecurity experts who are passionate about educating and sharing their expertise with the next wave of cybersecurity professionals. We welcome you to register to become an instructor at Razz Security Academy if you fulfill the requirements and responsibilities mentioned above and are dedicated to excellence in cybersecurity education.

Why you should attend cybersecurity events?

Attending cybersecurity events can be extremely advantageous for anyone who wants to remain current on the newest trends, methods, and advancements in the cybersecurity field. These gatherings offer a one-of-a-kind chance to connect with industry experts, colleagues, and suppliers, learn about best practices, and receive insights into new risks and solutions. Attending cybersecurity events can also help pros broaden their network, meet new people, and investigate possible job possibilities. Participants can also improve their knowledge, skills, and experience by attending these events, which can help them become better prepared to defend their businesses from online dangers. Whether you want to safeguard your company or give others more protection, joining cybersecurity activities is an investment in both personal and professional development, with numerous advantages for those who attend.

Razz Security is dedicated to organizing events and activities that encourage cybersecurity experts, students, and enthusiasts to share their expertise and network. Our events span a broad variety of cybersecurity subjects and are intended to provide attendees with useful insights and learning opportunities.

The following are some instances of Razz Security Events:

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Cybersecurity Conferences

Razz Security Academy arranges cybersecurity conferences that bring together experts and enthusiasts from around the globe to share their knowledge and experience. Our conferences address a variety of subjects, such as network security, cloud security, application security, and others.

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We host workshops that offer hands-on instruction in a variety of cybersecurity tools and approaches. Our seminars are intended to provide participants with hands-on experience with the most recent safety tools and technologies.

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We hold webinars on a variety of cybersecurity subjects, such as rising threats, best practices in cybersecurity, and new technologies. Our webinars are intended for a broad population, and participants can join from anywhere on the globe.

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We arrange meetings to allow cybersecurity experts, students, and enthusiasts to network. Our meetups are intended to encourage participants to collaborate and share information.

Finally, Razz Security Academy is dedicated to arranging events and activities that support cybersecurity information exchange, networking, and career growth. Our events are intended to provide cybersecurity experts, students, and enthusiasts with useful insights and learning opportunities. Please check our website for more information if you are interested in joining or participating in one of our events.

Are you interested in Cyber Security and want to meet other people who share your interests?
Razz Security Community is the place to be!

Razz Security believes that Knowledge should be easy and freely accessible to everyone in this rapid growth of technology and security breaches news is dominated and affects global organizations, governments, healthcare, education Institutions, and millions of ordinary people. That's where the Infosec community group comes in and shares the Knowledge in the Community and keeps the discussion going on.

Here you get some great perks you get for becoming a member:


Connecting Infosec people


Cyber Security news


Free Infosec webinar


Making communication easier and discussing interesting relevant topics


Career advice


Infosec meetups

Our group is made up of cybersecurity enthusiasts from all over the globe. By joining, you will be able to interact with others who share your interests and benefit from their experiences. We hold webinars and Q&A sessions with cybersecurity specialists on a daily basis, giving you the opportunity to learn from the finest in the business. As a part of the Razz Security Community, you'll have access to exclusive material, such as whitepapers and studies, that the general public does not have. Our community is an excellent resource for staying current on the newest cybersecurity trends and stories. We share articles, blog entries, and other tools to keep you updated and ahead of the game. Razz Security Community is an excellent location to network if you are searching for a new position or simply want to expand your professional network. You never know who you'll encounter or what chances will present themselves.

So, what are you holding out for? Join the Razz Security Community immediately to meet other cybersecurity experts!

Our Expert will help you find the solutions to your problem or improve the growth of your business in cyberspace.

Razz Security Consultations assists organisations and companies in resolving issues that have raised concerns about cyber assaults, which can result in significant losses.

With the worldwide rise in hacking, the importance of effective cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated. Businesses and people have both become victims of malevolent cyber activity, resulting in massive losses varying from data theft to financial loss and even image harm. Razz Security Consultation, for example, is devoted to offering answers to mitigate these dangers.

Understanding the nature of the danger is the first step in resolving cyber assaults. Malware, phishing, extortion, and denial-of-service assaults are all examples of cyberattacks. Each of these assaults has distinct traits that necessitate different preventive measures. Razz Security Consultation offers a comprehensive strategy to cybersecurity that is customized to each client's unique requirements.

Organization Got Hacked!

Does your organization get hacked by bad hackers?
Don’t worry, Here Razz Security will help you out with different strategies to retrieve your data and make the patches fixed in time with the highly talented security teams of our organizations.

Cyber security solutions

Are you worried about the IT Infrastructure security or online assets of your organizations? Here Razz Security will help you out with different cyber security strategies to solve your problems and make your cybercrime-free organization in cyberspace.

Are you running a start-up or a well-recognized company, and don’t want to spoil your reputation due to some bad hackers, which can cause the leakage of your customer's data or the company's online assets available on the internet? Razz Security will help you to figure out different strategies on cyber security solutions to make your data safe and secure online before bad hackers hack them.